Color concert tour that lights up Alberta

Color and Brooke Nicholl are warming up to lead Albertans in Christmas celebration and worship.

Fresh from their No more love tour Across Western Canada, these recent Juno winners are in the midst of a whirlwind that has yet to let up.

“We’ve had a lot of fun reconnecting with people, sharing music from our new Juno-winning record this spring,” says The Color’s Jordan Janzen. “Now we’re getting ready for this big tour with Brooke.

Brooke Nicholls says it was amazing to lead large crowds in worship again after two years in lockdown.

Janzen, who recently drove from Winnipeg to Grand Prairie in just six days, says he’s ready to hit the road again and has teamed up with Nicholls. Colorful Christmas tour.

A woman with light skin tone and long hair leans against a window and smilesBrooke Nicholls says she is excited to get to Alberta and lead others in worship. (Supplied)

AND Colorful Christmas tour started in 2019 and stuck close to home in Manitoba, but The Color always intended to take it across Canada. Now post-Covid they are making a joyous comeback with more fanfare.

“Brooke and I have worked together several times over the years, it’s been amazing, she’s a good friend, she’s incredibly talented and has a heart for Jesus,” says Janzen.

“The Colorful Christmas tour there will be 12 shows from Alberta to Saskatchewan, Manitoba to the greater Toronto area. We bring in local special guests at each stop. We are truly excited to work together again to bring the spirit of Christmas and the spirit of worship as the season approaches.”

Nicholls regularly leads people in worship, but says the Christmas season and his music are a little different from regular worship.

“It feels a little more traditional to me, but if you really dig into the lyrics of these Christmas songs, they’re really very reverential. What I love about the Christmas season is just reminding people of the powerful lyrics we sing,” reflects Nicholls.

“I’ve been singing O Holy Night for the last 30 years of my life, but I still need lyrics to read from. With Christmas songs, we don’t always pay attention to the lyrics we’re singing, so I really immersed myself in understanding what I’m actually singing so I can lead people the same way.”

The Colorful Christmas tour stretches across four provinces, starting with Alberta. The first performance is on November 24.

“This tour will be aimed at the whole family,” says Janzen. “There will be so much Christmas music, some worship and some of our own stuff.

Janzen says they’re also trying to bring the community together, and local openers are part of that.

“Christmas is very much about community – bringing people together. It can be a difficult time for some, so we hope to bring a little Christmas cheer to each stop on the tour.”

For this tour, The Color will team up with World vision.

“We’ve been partners with World Vision for about 10 years,” says Janzen. “We saw their work with our own eyes.

A few years ago, Janzen says, The Color had the opportunity to visit India and see firsthand the impact of World Vision

“We’ve seen lives changed, kids getting an education to move on to things they never dreamed possible. When we were in India, we saw what was happening from the donations coming from Canada and we knew the impact was real.”

a man with light skin tone is surrounded by smilingchildren with dark skin toneJordan Janzen and The Color traveled to India with World Vision and witnessed the impact the service has not only on children but on entire communities. (Supplied)Color concert tour that lights up Alberta

The Colorful Christmas tour offering the chance to see The Color and Brooke Nicholls perform, as well as make a difference through a partnership with World Vision during this special time of year.

What if people can’t get a babysitter? Janzen says, “Bring the whole family!” Everyone deserves to join their community and worship together during this festive time of year. Ticket sales are now open. Get yours

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