Chico Rose reflects on his musical achievements and life on tour

Chico Rose stopped by during his US tour with Afrojack to chat about his latest release “Up & Down” and life on the road.

Dutch DJ, growing up in a family accustomed to electronic house music, Chico Rose is quickly becoming one of the essential tech house artists. Rising Star of Holland he weaves together a web of unorthodox house and techno influences from his formative childhood to create something all his own.

Since first entering the international scene with the excellent track “Sad“, to introduce AfrojackIn 2019, Chico Rose continued to build his global reputation based on versatility and great skills. He stands out from the crowd with his passionate and distinctive sound and receives solid support in return from industry heavyweights as he climbs the ranks of the electronic scene. To date, his pristine creations can be found on acclaimed labels such as Nicky Romero’s Protocol Records, Vato Gonzalez’s Dirty House Recordsand Afrojack’s Wall Recordings.

With a magnetic stage presence at many major venues around the world including The land of tomorrow and Tomorrow’s winterChico Rose is a major tastemaker whose exciting personality behind the decks is matched by his prolific work ethic in the studio. In its latest weapon from the tech house, “Up down”, Chico Rose taps to glitch drums and bouncy grooves. The track levitates into merciless techno delirium before reaching a high-octane hook, signaling listeners the right cue to transition to peak energy. The DJ’s bold statement combines the rhythmic efficiency that comes with the immense talent he has cultivated since early in his career.

Firmly rooted in the vibrant and influential electronic music culture of his Dutch hometown, Chico Rose continues to channel his broad musical palette into all aspects of his work. He excitedly shares his upcoming plans and teases fans to “get ready for more house music!Chico Rose unapologetically expresses his sound with plenty of anthemic beats already up his sleeve, and he has no intention of stopping because he’s just getting started. Listen to his latest version on Spotify or your preferred platform and read on for the conversation!

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Hi Chico, thanks for taking the time to chat with us today! 2022 has been an incredibly busy year for you and we hope you enjoy your US tour with Afrojack.

Of course! No worries and thanks for the invite! The tour is amazing so far!

Congratulations on the release of your latest tech house banger ‘Up & Down’. It’s great to see you releasing lots of new music this year and touring all over the world from Asia to Europe and now the US! How do you manage to juggle all your schedules and find time for yourself?

Thank you! It’s been crazy, but I have to say I’m really enjoying being on tour. In the meantime, there is plenty of time to relax and work on my music.

“Up & Down” carries such sharp tech house beats that it’s hard not to hit the dance floor upon first listen. What was your inspiration for creating this track and was it intended more for a festival set or a club arena?

I actually grew up with house music and sharp beats. My parents listened to a lot of house music and my dad was a drummer. I think all of that is reflected in my music now. I was going through acapellas and got inspired when I heard the right sample. I was able to finish the record in one day and I think it will be suitable for both festivals and clubs.

It’s so refreshing to see you always tease fans with a snippet of new music during your live sets before unleashing those dancefloor weapons! What was it like playing “Up & Down” live for the first time and seeing the audience’s reaction?

I think it’s important to keep teasing your audience with new music. When I’m not on tour I’m in the studio almost every day and playing new music in clubs and festivals is the best feeling. I remember the first time I played “Up & Down” to 10,000 people in Romania, people went crazy! I knew this record could work for me.

How he did it working on new music and collaborating with Tomorrowland on many fronts – playing Tomorrowland festivals and releasing music on the newly launched Tomorrowland Music labeleveryone get together?

So the first contact with them was with the song “You Got The Love”. It was the first release on the new label and was a success. I then played the Tomorrowland Winter and Summer editions. They really loved “Up & Down” when I first sent it to them, and a few months later it came out. I am very happy to work with Tomorrowland.

One of your biggest songs, “Somebody’s Watching Me”, has amassed millions of streams and is still a heavy hit at club parties. Have you thought about why the song became such a hit? Have you picked up any patterns or thought processes for creating new music?

Now it’s over 110 million streams and I could never have imagined such crazy success with a record. Of course, it’s a vocal that many people already know because of Michael Jackson. I think I’ve found the right mix between a dance song and Michael Jackson’s original vocals. It’s still my biggest song to this day.

Finally, we’re really excited about the rest of your US tour stops! With 2023 fast approaching, what else can fans expect from Chico Rose as we head into the new year? Maybe a new album is on the horizon?

We have to wait for the album to come out, but the new singles, YES! Get ready for a lot of house music coming your way. After my US tour, I’m going to Indonesia for a couple of shows and I have three shows at the FIFA World Cup in December. This is going to be crazy! Thanks for everything!

Thanks again for the chat and we hope you enjoy the rest of the tour!

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