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New York’s Black Friday Unclaimed Sale Begins Now! This year, get 50% off all Untapped New York tours* with promo code BLACKFRIDAY2022. The code is valid from today until Monday, November 28th (Cyber ​​Monday). Our biggest sale of the year lets you save on our signature public tours like Secrets of Grand Central Terminal, Victorian Flatbush, and the NYC Underground Subway, as well as our new offerings like Secrets of Rockefeller Center and Secrets of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

All tours are led by licensed New York City professional tour guides who will show you the fascinating parts of New York that others walk right past. While the sale runs until Monday, November 28, your tickets can be for any upcoming tour date. Learn more about some of our favorite tours below and see a full list of all our public tours here!

Secrets of Rockefeller Center

Completed in 1939, the iconic Rockefeller Center has its fair share of historical and contemporary mysteries. The Art-Deco complex is one of New York’s most popular tourist destinations, but we’re going to show you what most tourists miss! Rockefeller Center is home to the nation’s largest Christmas tree and several of television’s most popular shows, including the world-famous sketch comedy show “Saturday Night Live.” Join Untapped New York and uncover the secrets and stories that make this landmark one of the most visited places in the world.

Lower East Side Secret Tour and Tasting

280 Broome on the Lower East Side

Once the most densely populated neighborhood in the world, Manhattan’s Lower East Side has undergone many changes over the past century. This tour offers a glimpse into the past when the streets were lined with carts and Jewish delicatessens, bakeries and pickle stands. Led by longtime Lower East Side resident Richard Soden, you’ll see structures from that era that still exist, and learn which ones have been restored, repurposed, torn down, or abandoned. Along the way, you’ll stop to nibble on some traditional Jewish food!

Secrets of the Met Museum

Tour guide Patrick Bringley points out the architectural features of the Met in front of a group of tourists.

Your guide, Patrick Bringley, worked as a guard at the Met for ten years, guarding this two million square foot treasure house. After exploring every corner of the galleries and stalking their extensive backstage, he wrote the memoir All the beauty of the world. On this one-of-a-kind walking tour, you’ll explore the inner workings of this acclaimed institution from an intimate, first-hand perspective. You will come face to face with beautiful objects whose stories span multiple continents and millennia. You look into the eyes of a once-stolen Greek statue,
find Mary Magdalene’s tooth and see famous masterpieces in a fascinating new light!

Secrets of the Grand Central Tour

Guide Heather Shimmin points toward the facade of Grand Central Terminal

Did you know that there is a hidden tennis court inside Grand Central Terminal? Or that his ceiling is backward? On this tour, discover the origins and history of the Beaux Arts train station, from its glittering glory to its decay and the modern quest to save it. Whether you drive through it every day on your morning commute or for the first time, you will surely leave having learned, seen and experienced something new and extraordinary. This tour of Grand Central Terminal is great for history or architecture buffs.

NYC Subway Tour

Platform at Chambers Street tube station

Explore the world’s largest metro system, the beating heart of the city that never sleeps. You’ll discover the fascinating beginnings of the New York subway and explore spaces that even the most seasoned commuter might not know about. Hear the story of the very first subway, which was built in black under the cover of night, and other surprising stories. Using the 6 train as our very own ten-car time machine, you’ll travel through abandoned stations that riders unknowingly pass every day, including the famous City Hall Station.

Tour the remains of Penn Station

Justin Rivers on a tour of Penn Station

Two things most commuters don’t realize about the history of Penn Station: 1. There used to be a beautiful Beaux-Arts station that was torn down in the 1960s. 2. Parts of that old station can still be found today, buried under the arena that landed on top of them. Amtrak only recognizes one survivor, but you’ll discover many more. Penn Station tours are supported by photographic presentations of the station shot by renowned photographers Norman McGrath, Peter Moore and Aaron Rose, along with the work of rail enthusiasts Alexander Hatos, a Pennsylvania Railroad employee, and Ron Ziel, a railway historian.

Leftovers of the New Amsterdam Tour

The visitor touches a wall from the 18th century

Explore where New York began and see what is left of Dutch New Amsterdam! With the first map of New York City in hand, you’ll follow the streets of Manhattan from 1667 while discovering many hidden Dutch landmarks south of Wall Street. Physically touch history as you learn how Bowling Green got its name, and see the foundations of New York’s first City Hall (which was also a tavern!), the long-forgotten oyster paste cannon, the original battery wall, and much more!

Fifth Avenue’s Gilded Age Mansions

Ukrainian Institute

Take a stroll down Fifth Avenue as it was during the Gilded Age, when the famous millionaires’ mansions lined the famous street. Revisiting Millionaire’s Row, you’ll discover works of architecture lost to time and some that remain today with a new purpose. This tour resurrects some of the magnificent mansions that are no longer standing and brings these charming mansions back to life with stunning historical images and sparkling stories of the events that took place inside. See the footprint of the largest detached residence ever built in Manhattan, learn the secrets of the famous Frick Collection, discover a charming bookstore tucked away in a Fifth Avenue mansion, and more!

Remnants of the World’s Fair

NY State Pavilion in Queens

Did you miss the 1939/40 or 1964/65 world exhibitions? Here’s your chance! Discover remnants of both fairs, such as hidden time capsules, the Fountain of the Planets, the Unisphere, and the historic New York State Pavilion. If you attended that day, please visit the park again and tell us your story! Flushing Meadows-Corona Park has gone from swampy wetlands to an ash dump, the site of not one, but two World’s Fairs. This tour explores the past, present, and future of this 900-acre park, an obsession of the late “Master Builder,” Robert Moses.

Tour of Victorian Flatbush Mansions

1440 Buckingham Road, home of Michelle Williams

Discover the magnificent mansions and history of Flatbush, a truly unique Brooklyn neighborhood. In many ways, this neighborhood best captures Brooklyn’s entire history—from its Dutch colonial history in the 17th century to residential growth in the 19th century to the population boom of working-class immigrant communities in the 20th century.

Greenwich Village Coffee Tour and Tasting

Justin Rivers inside the Porto Rico Importing Company

Drink in New York City’s surprising coffee history on our Greenwich Village Coffee Tour and Tasting! On this tour, you’ll uncover the surprising history of coffee in New York while exploring Greenwich Village, its iconic birthplace. You will learn how New York and coffee go hand in hand in cultural and economic development. At the end of this experience, you’ll taste: espresso, drip coffee, chocolate-covered coffee beans and cappuccino… so you’ll be caffeinated!

Our full list of public tours can be found here and use code BLACKFRIDAY2022 for 50% off! Not sure which tour you or your recipient would like to join? You can buy a gift voucher!

*Partner events including Monet’s Garden, ARTECHOUSE and Classic Harbor Cruises are excluded from this sale.


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