United Arab Emirates flights: Indian consulate issues revised guidelines for passengers with only one name in passport

Earlier this week, Air India Express said in a circular to travel agents that the UAE immigration will not accept these Indian travelers.

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Published: Thu 24 Nov 2022, 11:02

Last update: Thu 24 Nov 2022 13:33

Guidelines for Indian passengers with only one name on their passports have been updated. According to a social media post from the Consulate General of India, Dubai (CGI), on Thursday, passengers will be able to board the flight as long as they meet certain conditions below.

The rules apply to passengers with visitor visas/those eligible for visa on arrival/employment and temporary visas. They do not apply to current residents of the UAE.

The CGI shared a circular issued by Air India and Air India Express to travel agents. According to the National Center for Advanced Information – UAE, the modified guidelines are:

>> If the visa is issued with more than one name and the passenger has the paternal or family last name mentioned on the second page, they will be allowed to continue the trip.

>> For passengers who are eligible for visa on arrival, the traveler must have the last name of the parent or family mentioned on the second page.

Fardan Haneef, spokesperson for Deira Travels, confirmed that they have received the updated rules and guidelines from Air India and Air India Express. “I’m sure it will be a relief for many,” he said. “We received calls from many passengers who had faced difficulties due to the rule change.”

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It was on Monday that Air India sent a notice on the issue of unique names in passports. The document says that “any passport holder with only one name (word), whether in surname or given name, will not be accepted by UAE immigration and the passenger will be considered as INAD,” a term meaning inadmissible passenger.

The new rule was immediately implemented. Indian airlines like Indigo have also sent out similar notices. A Rayna Tours and Travels call center representative confirmed that the rule applies to visitors traveling on tourist visas on all airlines, including international ones.

Several tourists have reported being turned away at the airport for having only one name in their passport since the new guidelines came out. “A cousin of mine who had arrived at the airport to come to Dubai from the Mangalore airport in India was told that he could not travel,” said Zahra, a resident of Dubai. “My mother does not have a last name in her passport either. She is currently in the US and will be traveling to the United Arab Emirates soon.”

A Rayna Tours and Travels call center representative had said the rule change mainly applied to those coming to the United Arab Emirates from India on visit visas. “If you have residency in the UAE, it won’t be a problem,” he said. The representative had also recommended taking steps to make changes to its official documents.


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