10 campsites to watch out for in Halo Infinite

Camping has been a style of play since the dawn of first-person shooters. No series can take as much credit for the emergence of strategy as Halo. While the graphics, mechanics, and generations have changed, the overall premise of Halo has remained the same. You are able to run, flank and camp your way to victory.

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Many of Halo Infinite’s maps are symmetrical. They give both parties an equal footing when it comes to placement. This can make for great camping opportunities if you can sneak your way to the opposing area. Or he can grant those same opportunities to an enemy. This could cause problems if you’re not sure where the best camping spots are.


10/10 Argyle – Towers

A Spartan is standing with a sniper on the Argyle map of the Halo Infinites East and West Towers.

Argyle is a small, dimly lit map in Halo Infinite. Each side is nearly identical, save for the color that bounces off the structures. Both opening spawn areas have an easy to access tower that can be difficult for the other team to reach.

A sniper rifle is on a platform around the corner. If you take it and run back to the tower on your respective side of the map, you’ll have a nice camping spot until you run out of ammo and have to leave for more. If you find yourself dominated by a camper here, the best way is to enter your tower and shoot them down from a distance.

9/10 Bazaar – Gates

Double Gates are great camping spots on Bazaar in the East and West Gate locations in Halo Infinite

The east and west sides of Bazaar both have a series of double doors known on the map as Gates. There’s no telling what awaits you behind those doors until you’ve made it through. It’s the perfect place for a camper to wait, fire off a few shots, and finish off an unsuspecting enemy with a melee.

There is a long path on both sides of the map that will come up behind the player here. You can take it if nothing else works. Otherwise, bouncing a couple of grenades off the wall through the doors will free it, so you can go inside and take the RV out of that area.

8/10 Bazaar – Library And Lockers

The Library and Locker locations on Halo Infinite provide a great overview of the center of the map.

Unlike other maps, Bazaar has a very similar, albeit differently named, set of areas. Library and Lockers are the locations in the game. Both act as a corner room, elevated above the center of the map. Campers can post here to hang onto the Odd Ball or wait for a flag carrier to come into your line of sight and stop an objective catch.

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If you’re camping here, you need to look at the opposite location. A player might come out of the Library or Lockers and take you from behind if you only pay attention to the center of the map. With entrances so open, grenades are a great choice for running the camper here.

7/10 Fragmentation – Towers

Fragment Towers in Halo Infinite allow campers to see the entire map.

Fragment Towers are good choices for camping in Halo Infinite. Both have a sniper in the center and direct sight of the enemy tower. They are far from spawns, even with gravity lifts that give you a boost to areas.

There is the enclosed tower itself and the platform behind it which gives you room to move. You can see if someone is approaching you from any location. If you’re here with a sniper, you’ll have plenty of kills coming your way. If there is any enemy, you will need to bring a teammate with you to rush them as fast as possible before they can get you.

6/10 Streets – Old Town Bars

A player is in the corner of the Old Town Bar area of ​​the Streets map in Halo Infinite

There is cover to carry around every corner in Streets. Most of this Halo Infinite map can be camped. Its alleys, corridors, courtyards and rooms are small with very few entrances. The best place to hole up on Streets, however, is the location of the Old Town Bar.

There are a couple of angles here that you can step back into that allow you to see the whole room and the street in front. It’s one of the best places in the game to defend yourself in the Odd Ball game mode. Your team can settle outside while you wait inside. If you are on the other side, you can counter this by going there with your team to different entrances to trap the RV.

5/10 Live Fire – Tunnel

The rock area of ​​the Live Fire Tunnel is a common campsite in Halo Infinite.

The Tunnel on Live Fire is a camper’s dream. The doors to access them are tiny, typically allowing only one player to enter at a time. You can descend from above or take any of the direct entrances to claim your claim here during a match.

Just be sure to move from one end to the other frequently. If you stay in one spot in the Tunnel, the other team can bombard you with grenades to get you out of there. The same can be said if you are dealing with an RV. The small borders make it difficult to avoid explosives, so use them as a counterattack.

4/10 Live Fire – Rook

The Tower on Live Fire lets you oversee most of the map in Halo Infinite

The Tower on Live Fire is probably the most popular campsite in all of Halo Infinite. The sniper rifle is located between the tower and the garage area. If you can grab it and climb onto the tower platform, you’ll be sitting there for a while if your team can protect you.

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Whether you’re taking out enemies from a distance or keeping aim here, the tower is unmatched on Live Fire. Behind is only the stairwell to reach the top, which can be easily guarded. You’ll need a full assault to stop an RV from gaining momentum at this spot.

3/10 Charging – Lift

A player walks back to the corner above the elevator while reloading in Halo Infinite.

Recharge has many campsites on the same side of the map in Halo Infinite. The most annoying may be the elevator area. It’s a non-functioning elevator, but you can jump off the elevator to the platform above. There you can camp and stop anyone entering from below or the stairs into the control room.

Backing the camper into a corner is the best way to impede their strategy. You and your team should enter from the control room, the stairs below, and the elevator to ensure they are taken out. Coordination is key to stopping a ruthless camper here.

2/10 Reload – Control room

A Spartan holds his assault rifle, looking at the stairs of the control room location on Recharge in Halo Infinite

The Control Room of Recharge has only two entrances. There is an exit you can exit in the central pit of the map, but without a grenade or rocket, no one can enter that side. This means that a camper can sit in the corner and simply hold down the door from the lift and the stairs from below.

This is one of the more difficult camping spots to tackle if the camper has an upgraded weapon. You can be a nightmare for the enemy team if you are the one here. If an opponent takes up residence in the campsite shelter, the only thing you can do is rush in and hope your shots land first.

1/10 Recharge – Hydro

An RV sits in the Hydro area, watching its entrance from the control room into Halo Infinite

Hydro is a tough campground on Recharge. There’s a large open space in front of the car, but then there’s the ramp that goes down behind the car and the platform that holds a power weapon. A sword or rocket launcher user will have the game of his life if he camps here in a Team Slayer or Free-for-All setting.

Thankfully, you can use Hydro’s multiple inputs and size against them. Most likely, the camper will take you out the first time you enter the room. Just change the way you approach it to catch them off guard. Be quick through a different entrance than the one you were eliminated in and you should have ample opportunity to evict them from their camp.

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